New Students

If you are a new student and have not received your mySJC login information:

Admissions Portal


Password Change

If you know your SJC password and want to change it:



Password Reset

If you do not know your SJC password and need to reset it:


IT questions:

Enrolled Students

Please log into MySJC, go to Students, then the campus-specific Financial Info page, click the “Make a payment/enroll in a payment plan” button. You will be taken to the payment portal home page.

On the payment portal you can:

  • Remit an electronic Tuition or Advance Deposit payment. 
  • Enroll in a Payment Plan.
  • Provide parent or third party access to the payment site.

Overview, found on the payment portal’s left menu, summarizes your current balance due and provides additional links. To invite a parent or third party to be a payer select and complete the “Send a payer invitation” link.

If you are currently not enrolled, but need to make a student account payment or an advance deposit, please contact:
Santa Fe Finance Office:
Annapolis Finance Office: