mySJC is available for the communication of confidential academic information, and intended for the use of the members of the St. John's College community.

By logging into this system you acknowledge your responsibility to conform to the College's Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy. Under this policy, you are prohibited from:

  •     Accessing or using a password-protected computer account assigned to another person
  •     Sharing a password to a protected account with another person

Access to student information is provided to faculty in their capacity as teachers and student advisors and is governed by federal privacy law [the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA]. Under the provisions of this Act, confidential student information may not be disclosed to a third party without explicit permission from the student. Please direct any questions regarding confidentiality of student records to the registrar.

Here are some navigation tips to quickly get from place to place as you begin moving around within mySJC.
  • Clicking on a tab at the top of the page will always load the home page for that tab.
  • The home page for a tab will display a number of portlets in the main content area of the page.
  • The left column of a page will display: the name of the tab you are currently viewing the name of the page you are on, followed by a list of the portlets on the page a list of pages created under the tab any subsections that have been created under the tab. Subsections display a folder icon.
  • Click on the title of the portlet to display that portlet by itself on the page. The originating page name will appear at the top of the content area, as a link.
  • Click on this link to display all the portlets once more.
  • To return to the main page for a tab, click on the tab at the top of the page or the name of the tab at the top of the left column.
  • As you navigate through the content on a tab, you will create a You Are Here: "breadcrumb" in the bar just below the Home tab. This will display the path you have taken to your current location as a series of links, which you may click to return to any of the previous pages.