Enrolled Students

Please log into MySJC, go to Students, then the campus-specific Financial Info page, then click on the button “Make a payment/enroll in a payment plan”. You will be taken to the payment portal home page. Here you can setup a payment plan and set a parent as a payer so they can make payments.

To invite a parent to be a payer, scroll down on the payment portal, you will see a box that says “Need help paying?”  Please click to send an email invitation to the parent. If you do not see the option to set a payment plan or payer on the home page, you should be able to see it if they click on their account info on the menu to the left.

If you are currently not enrolled, but need to make a student account payment or an advance deposit, please contact:
Santa Fe Finance Office:  sfstudentaccounts@sjc.edu
Annapolis Finance Office: Student.Accounts@sjc.edu